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CELSUS is an award-winning ISO9001 distribution company based in the UK and exporting to Europe. We are a service and quality driven company whose ethos is to deliver enjoyment through distribution of leading brands including JL Audio, Kicker Audio, Dynamat and Calearo, in addition to our own CELSUS range of products. Our solutions include Audio, Soundproofing, Accessories, Antennas and Consumer Electronics for the Automotive, Marine, Leisure and Home markets.


Founded in 2002 by Paul Baker, the CELSUS team is second-to-none and offers first class customer service informed by extensive experience of the products we distribute. CELSUS is proud to be consistently awarded International Distributor of the Year by our manufacturing partners and has received many industry-based awards for several of our major products.




We are a service driven company and at the heart of our business is the desire to deliver enjoyment.. Good relationships are paramount at CELSUS and we actively work to create an environment where everyone can do well.

Whether facilitating the installation of another product, or improving the experience of a consumer setting, each of our products enhances the environment for which it is designed and enhances the experience of the end user.



We take a progressive approach to the market, identifying opportunities for expanding our own internal capabilities and those of our retailers in order to secure growth.

We strive to ensure our products are sold at a price that is attractive to our dealers, and we assist our retailers by adding value to our products with marketing support.


From humble beginnings in the automotive sector, Paul Baker founded our company in 2002 with the name CELSUS to communicate our commitment to excellence (from L. Excellere: Ex ‘beyond’ + Celsus ‘lofty).


We have grown our market position with outstanding customer service and now distribute a range of world-class products addressing solutions for Automotive, Marine, Leisure and Home markets.


Our significant milestones include achieving ISO9001 certified in status in 2012,

European distribution for JL Audio Marine in 2014, and growth in to the Leisure market in 2015.

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Meet CEO and group founder Paul Baker, who tells us why he started the company and what motivates him to ensure CELSUS rises to meet its key challenges and future goals. Paul also shares the secrets of CELSUS' success, what ISO9001 certification means to CELSUS and its brand partners, and the unique qualities that place the company at the leading edge of UK and European distribution.

paul baker

ceo at celsus UK LTD

Why did you start Celsus? And what is your background?

The inspiration to start Celsus happened when visiting a car audio shop with my eldest son, Mark. While Mark was discussing the specification of his audio system with a very helpful store assistant, I saw a ‘Power Capacitor’ on the retailer’s shelf. I took a closer look and my first thought was the price and then the spec. At that moment in time, Celsus was born.


My background in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Hons Degree), combined with a selling career into the corporate environment gave Celsus the advantage over an existing car audio supplier base that was inflexible and not customer focussed. We are and always have been progressive, adaptable and customer-service oriented.

How does Celsus compare today to the company when it started?

We have developed our business and adapted to an ever-changing market. One of the major key developments is the European Distribution Agreements we now hold for some of the 12v industry’s most prestigious manufacturers; JL Audio, Kicker Audio and Dynamat.

What is the current position of Celsus?

The company has grown from my study back in 2003, to a 10,000 sq ft warehouse and operation that sells throughout Europe. We have dedicated divisions within our business that focus on export to mainland Europe and the Marine, Automotive, Commercial and Architectural sectors. Our brand partners service these markets and present enormous opportunity past, present and future

What are your key successes and challenges?

Our major successes include the successful introduction of our own brand range of accessories and the introduction of the industry-first Automotive product finder. We have been appointed European distributor for our major brand partners and supplier of accessories to a major Automotive manufacturer. We have developed a successful Marine division and supply products into the Industrial and Architectural industries.


Our major challenge is to ensure our customer partners evolve; that their businesses are able to adapt to the ‘digital age’ and are marketed effectively. We help them achieve this with dedicated PR, marketing and social media support and assist sell-through at point-of-sale with printed marketing materials for consumers to take away and staff training materials.


Additionally, Automotive technology and vehicle integration is continually evolving and the investment to stay ahead of the curve is considerable, in terms of time, resources and finance.

What type of business is Celsus, and what benefits does this structure afford?

We are a distribution business handling distribution of the world’s most renowned and best 12v audio brands, together with the market-leading sound damping manufacturer. Our business is structured to present our customers with the opportunities our manufacturing partners develop, wrapped up with a best-in-class service.

What motivates you?

Our company intent is to create an environment where everyone can do well. This intent is different for all of us as we see life differently, but our overriding wish is that we have positive and enjoyment-based relationships within our business and with our customer and supplier partners.

What makes Celsus unique?

We are unique due to the exclusive range of accessories we supply and the exclusive distribution agreements that our business holds. The long-term relationships that our company works to maintain have produced enjoyable and very productive supplier and customer based results.


We take a progressive approach to business and work closely with our customers to help them adapt to current markets and business models. We are able to offer our brands and customers marketing support and assistance with sell-through, so that we can all do well.

Besides the brands - how important is the human element at Celsus?

Core to our success is the team at Celsus - we are very careful with recruitment and we take into consideration both talent and cultural fit. Our team retention is excellent and long lasting, with opportunity there for those who wish to develop their career.

Celsus is an award-winning ISO 9001 certified company. What does this mean to you and your partners?

ISO 9001 is a quality management standard that demonstrates we deliver a consistently high level of service, and for many of our customers provides a standard that they recognise and are able to trust.


We have in several circumstances become an approved supplier based exclusively on our ISO standard – this has enabled our customer partner to immediately engage in business and save the time and expense of an audit.


We have been consistently awarded International Distributor of the Year by JL Audio and have received many industry-based awards for several of our major products. Often visitors spend several minutes reviewing the awards that stand proudly in our conference room.

How do you market & advertise Celsus & your brands?

Our dedicated in-house team engage in B2B and B2C marketing activities tailored to specific industries and territories using print material, email newsletters and social media. We manage our brands’ B2C social media channels, whilst our Marine brands are looked after by the industry specialist PR and marketing agency Saltwater Stone. We assist our retailers with sell-through by producing marketing material (for example product leaflets) and with capacity building by providing staff training materials (for example on marketing through social media). This is supplemented by many referrals from existing customers who enjoy dealing with Celsus.

How do you keep your partners and customers happy and build loyalty?

Our Internet Trade portal has a points-based system that our customers use constantly to earn discount on products and free delivery. However, the key to success in delivering loyalty is excellence in service combined with an emphasis on enjoyable relationships.

And finally, what are you most looking forward to?

I’m excited about spending more time with creative businesses and our supplier partners to ensure we stay at the forefront of product development and technology.




Celsus is an award winning ISO9001 distribution company.

Registered in England 4625849 VAT registration GB 808 1248 41

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